2024 REDDOT Product design awards schedule

2024 REDDOT Product design awards schedule


Today, I summarized the schedule for the Red Dot Design Award in the Product Design category. With not much time left, we will prepare well and strive to become this year’s WINNER.



2024 reddot



2024 reddot design awards Schedule



1. Period 2023-09-04 ~ 2023-09-29 Early Bird
2023-09-30 ~ 2023-12-15 Regular
2023-12-16 ~ 2024-01-19 Latecomer
2024-02-12 ~ 2024-03-01 Delivery
2024-04-15 ~ 2024-04-26 Pick up
2024-03-00 Judging
2024-06-24 Winners’ exhibition & Online exhibition
Delivery Info. Label the product and package clearly(IP code & address) when you deliver a parcel
Electrical connections :  230 V, 50 Hz, plug-type F [CEE 7/4]) / 16 A, 400 V [5-pole CEE plug]
Unable to request product assembly. Only delivery of assembled product 
You must purchase delivery and pickup insurance. Pay your own burden and Keep it confirmation
2.Registration fees Registration phase Early Bird 450 euros(excl. VAT)
Regular 650 euros(excl. VAT)
Latecomer 850 euros(excl. VAT)
Additional fees For oversized entries (> 3 m²) 700 euros (excl. VAT)
Costs in the event of winning an award RED Dot 4,900 euros (excl. VAT)
RED Dot Best of best 7,500 euros (excl. VAT)
3.Registration Info. Product  Product’s name, type, Year of market launch, Category and subcategory(*https://www.red-dot.org/pd/categories/)
Presentation Fill out Website Product is submitted as Original Product or Digital Presentation or Prototype
Size Height, Width, Depth (mm)
Product describtion Enter a meaningful description that clearly highlights the functionality, benefits and innovation of the product. No figurative speech or promotional language. (Min. 500 characters Max. 1200 characters incl.)
Upload to website Image for describtion to product  
Image Max. 10 JPG or PNG (Max. 9.8MB)
Video Max. 5 MPG or MP4(Max. 1.4GB video length 2 minutes)
PDF Max. 10 pages(54.6MB 72dpi)
Print data 3 or more images 2560 x 1920 pixel 300dpi (jpg, tiff) 
Product Delivery Info.  How to deliver, Type of pickup, Insured value
Company Info. Manufacturer Company’s name, address, website, number, email, Personal information of the person in charge
Design Inhouse or Design studio’s Info





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